On The Road (2012)

Directed By: Walter Salles

Written By: Jose Rivera (Screenplay) & Jack Kerouac (novel)

Starring: Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart


If your best friend takes advantage of you, write a book about them and get wealthy off their misery.


Finally, the great fable of travel and youthful exuberance hits the screen. This poetic journey leaps off the pages and fits quite nicely into a period piece wrought with old cars and young adults rebelling against the old guard with their loud music and Jazz cigarettes, their juke joints and alcohol soaked nights and their irresponsible lascivious behavior. What a group to keep company with, the beat poets, speaking in elongated prose and large hand gestures. The hangers-on could only observe but not penetrate the wall of the gentleman who sought truth in being wanderers, bound only by their imagination and ability to steal the occasional automobile.

Who were these young actors that walked a mile in shoes so big only an elephant could wear? Garret Hedlund? Sam Riley? (Actually, he is amazing and also played Ian Curtis in Control). The acting was an immaculate attempt at reeling in personalities that live in legendary status, but who aren’t alive to confirm the reality of their being. Because of the beauty of the book, every audience member will indeed scrutinize their performance as the images jump off the screen and are processed through firing synaptic transmissions. I give all the actors a V for valiant.

I was instantly transported to my early 20s when I read this tale and took my own journeys through uncharted waters and for this I am happy to have seen this film. The director Walter Salles seems to have a decent grip on the biographical road trip. An interesting niche to have, that seems to lend itself to immaculate cinematography, although in this go-round he seemed to focus more on the cities as points of interest rather than the enchanting American landscape.

Maybe this film will get the book into the hands of another generation although somehow it landed into mine 43 years after it was written?

Problem: Not enough of the rails

Mood for watching: Nostalgic

What to eat and drink: Salt Peanuts and rye

If I made it: There would be more landscape

Why watch: The Bee and the Bop


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