The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Directed By: Christopher Nolan

Written By: Christopher Nolan and Jonathan Nolan (screenplay)

Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway and Gary Oldman


Gotham City is a craptastic place to live.


I will admit that I had a great time watching this film. How can you not when you’re sitting in an IMAX theatre with your senses being inundated by a larger than life screen and sound so big that it makes your organs vibrate. It was a rush and I recommend watching in this format.

Christopher Nolan’s Batman is by far the biggest in terms of action and special FX, but in this third installment I found myself a little disappointed. Yes, it was a fantastic piece of action-comic spectacle, but was it really as great as the fanatics think?  Sequels are rarely as good as the original with the exception of a few gems (Back to the Future and Indiana Jones).

So what didn’t I like? The story line was too similar to The Avengers, which started off the blockbuster season. Bane was an okay villain, but doesn’t stack up to Heath Ledger’s Joker, but who can? The vocal effects made him difficult to understand and he sounded too much like Darth Vader with a peculiar accent. Also, some of the major plot points were weak sauce, like bland Indian food. In the back of mind, I just hoped that this final Nolan Batman would blow the roof off of comic movies.

That being said, the acting was fantastic. I’m going to miss Christian Bale’s version of Batman, I think the character has definitely benefitted from him. Michael Caine was a touch on the weepy side (belivable weepy) and I had a hard time keeping a straight face because I couldn’t stop thinking about Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon’s impressions of him from The Trip. Also, a quick shout out to Gary Oldman, JGL and Anne Hathaway (never thought I would give her a shout out), who were perfectly cast in their roles.

Finally, the opening sequence was top notch; with a great cameo from Aidan Gillan a.k.a. Tommy Carcetti from The Wire. The stunts/CG made me giddy. It was the most impressed I have been since staring into the eye of the great T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

Problem: Not dark enough

Mood for watching: Psyched

What to eat and drink: Twix and Root beer

If I made it: I would have pit Batman against Maxie Zeus or The Mad Hatter

Why watch: For the spectacle


15 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

    • Maxie Zeus has a great story line in Batman: The Animated series, where he is a shipping tycoon tied to the underworld. I think that adding some greek mythology and lightning bolts would be visually striking and no different that using Bane who to the general public is also obscure. Mad Hatter is just cool because he uses mind control technology and it would be cool to see him turn some people like commissioner Gordon against Batman. Thoughts?

      • I wonder if Black Mask would work more as the underworld tycoon?

        Really like the Mad Hatter idea. He could be the hidden villain behind the scenes for much of the movie too.

  1. “Back to the Future” sequel(s) listed as a gem, as opposed to, say Superman II or Spider-Man II (let alone some of the great non-superhero sequels like Godfather II, etc.)?!? B2TF sequels were utter garbage. The rest of your review was on point, and I too enjoyed seeing Mayor Carcetti in the great first sequence.

    • Thanks for reading.

      I’ve never heard anyone refer to Back to the Future as garbage but you are entitled to your opinion. I didn’t include God Father because I put that into a different category than any blockbuster film can ever reach and Spiderman? Really? I thought that those films were terrible. My least favorite comic films and maybe as bad as the Wolverine movie.

  2. I gotta disagree cos Tom Hardy pulled off Bane in a way that he got me routing for the villain. Truth be told Heath Ledger is the best villain of all time, RIP, but Tom Hardy came pretty close. I would give it a 9/10 but that’s only after watching it a third time.

    • Both films about an alternate source of energy that if in the wrong hands could be harmful to mankind but in the end a rich human being with cool toys manages to save the world from this energy source by flying with it away from a population. Similar yes, the same no.

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