Jeff, Who Lives at Home (2011)

Directed By: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

Written By: Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass

Starring: Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Susan Sarandon and Judy Greer


Smoking an excessive amount of pot helps connect all the dots.


The Duplass brothers, Jay and Mark are heavy hitters in Mumblecore, which usually features non-actor actors and semi improvised naturalistic dialogue. This film attempted to stay within genre lines but included some well-known actors. The film was well cast. Jason Segel and Ed Helms portrayed a disconnected brotherly relationship and Susan Sarandon made for a fantastic neurotic mother.

I was impressed by the films simplicity, as it tried to communicate with the audience. The story remained simple to keep its message clear. Overall, in this movie, the Duplass brothers hit some good moments and then missed some others. The cool thing is, you can see their progression as writers and directors.

My recommendation comes with a bit of reluctance, as I don’t think this film is for everyone. If you want constant entertainment then don’t watch it.

Problem: Not funny enough

Mood for watching: Muted

What to eat and drink: Ice cream and champagne

If I made it: There would be more about Jeff living at home

Why watch: Ed Helms has a sweet goatee


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