The Contender (2000)

Directed By: Rod Lurie

Written By: Rod Lurie

Starring: Joan Allen, Gary Oldman and Jeff Bridges


If you plan on getting into politics, don’t participate in orgies.


This film explores how far politicians will go to scrutinize their opponents. Shit! The political battleground is ugly. The opposition digs up dirty secrets until you are shamed and embarrassed. This film also shows the double standard faced by women in politics. It is a cruel, cruel world.

I love movies that have characters that are in powerful positions but also show a human side to them, something we don’t often see in life but is a reminder that they are just peeps like the rest of us. The only difference is how many bodyguards they have? And if Kevin Costner is one of them… Step off!

Joan Allen plays a powerful protagonist that puts up a great fight in the male dominated world of American politics, just splendid. Jeff Bridges plays a great President who likes to show off his personal chef. Gary Oldman, where do I even begin? He makes an awesome bad guy. I like him better when he’s bad, none of this Commissioner Gordon bullshit. Who remembers him as Drexl in True Romance? Also, Sam Elliott has a voice that you can butter bread with (but looks strange without his ‘stache). Even if you find this film on the boring side, the acting is top notch.

Problem: It feels dated

Mood for watching: Intrigued

What to eat and drink: Shark sandwich and a cold one

If I made it: Samuel L. Jackson would be in it

Why watch: What not to do in college


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