London Boulevard (2010)

Directed By: William Monohan

Written By: William Monahan (screenplay) and Ken Bruen (novel)

Starring: Colin Farrell, Keira Knightley and Ray Winstone


Method actors can be gangsters.


After watching London Boulevard, I have more appreciation of Martin Scorsese’s talents as a director. William Monohan wrote both screenplays (The Departed and London Boulevard); however, London Boulevard is Monohan’s first directing credit. The movie wants to be in the company of Sexy Beast and Snatch, but does nothing the stand on its own. The result is a film as anemic as Keira Knightley’s acting.

The central idea is freedom, or lack of it. As a celebrity, Keira Knightley’s character lives holed up in London, fearful of paparazzi. She’s paranoid, distrustful, and doesn’t go out in public. Colin Farrell’s character is an ex-con who is sucked back into a life of crime. He shares Knightley’s restricted freedom, distrust, and paranoia. After a few scenes together, he also shares her bed.

While the idea of freedom is interesting it quickly gets lost amidst threats, posturing, and revenge killings. Monohan aims to create a tragedy, but ends up with a film that is merely sad.

Problem: Colin Farrell’s character is inconsistent

Mood for watching: Bored on a transatlantic flight

What to eat and drink: A salty pack of peanuts and an inflight whiskey

If Al made it: There would be a Bill Murray cameo

Why watch: Ray Winstone. He’s not the prettiest star of the film, but he is the most interesting

Review written by: The talented Tim Lepczyk. Make sure you check out his work.


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