Shame (2011)

Directed By: Steve McQueen

Written By: Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan

Starring: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan and James Badge Dale


An important rule to live by: don’t download or look at porn on your work computer.


Okay I get it Michael Fassbender is well endowed. I think he’s a tremendous talent but seriously, keep your pants on for at least one film. It wasn’t his member that disappointed me, it was his performance. I thought it was flat, however I don’t lay all the blame in his proverbial court, the director, Steve McQueen can share it.

Shame is the sophomore film for director McQueen. Not only does he have a wicked namesake, he’s got talent oozing from his pores. That’s why I’m surprised that this film would follow his first (Hunger), which was the cream of the crop. I feel like he was trying to go for a controversial subject (sex addiction) but totally missed the controversy. If you’re going to tackle this subject either satirize it or make the audience uncomfortable. The only image that made me uncomfortable was Fassbender’s character taking a leak without lifting the toilet seat. Unless he has the best aim in the world, he really needs to lift that seat. McQueen’s central character was cliché and lacked the audiences’ sympathy that he was looking for.

The greatest thing this film has to offer is a fantastic tracking shot of Fassbender jogging in NYC.

Problem: Bach’s Prelude and Fugue No.16 in G minor BWV 885

Mood for watching: Lonely

What to eat and drink: Scrambled eggs and a dry martini

If I made it: I wouldn’t

Why watch: It’s really big


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