Carnage (2011)

Directed By: Roman Polanski

Written By: Yasmina Reza and Roman Polanski

Starring: Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster and Christoph Waltz


The reason that couples have children is so later in life they’ll be able to use them as scapegoats for their problems.


Carnage the movie is based on the play God of Carnage. I haven’t seen the play but the movie felt like it stayed true to the original. That’s where the movie went wrong. Two different mediums should be treated as such and for some reason Polanski didn’t do that. I’m talking about Roman Fucking Polanski. This is the guy who directed Rosemary’s Baby, Chinatown and The Pianist. If he needs the money to pay for his legal problems, he should have made The Hunger Games.

On a positive note, the dialogue borders on intelligent and there are great themes that run throughout. I enjoyed the acting; John C. Reilly’s face makes me laugh and I get a kick out Christoph Waltz who is a relative newcomer to the Hollywood circuit but a veteran of German cinema.

All in all, I would have rather seen the play than the movie. Boo urns.

Problem: Set in Brooklyn but Polanski isn’t allowed in the US

Mood for watching: Patience

What to eat and drink: Cobbler (Is it a cake or a pie?) and scotch

If I made it: John C. Reilly would have more freedom to ad lib

Why watch: Loose lips sink ships


3 thoughts on “Carnage (2011)

    • Yes for sure, he is a great writer and when his plays are adapted to screen they translate well because they are treated as a different medium. In my opinion that is the correct approach and where Polanski went wrong.

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